Letter 11. On Casual Racism




T: Hi John,

Happy New year! Thank you for your tutorial report.


You know White Cube was literally that close to offer me a solo show. And then they said - ‘you lack an interesting name or a background. You are too normal, too familiar.’


J: Well basically they were saying you are too white for them?

T: Yeah yeah haha this is exactly what it was. And I was like -  ‘guys I know I’m just a white male painter from Essex, but I can do shit, I can  put one of these big sombrero on and run around the White Cube like a proper Mexican (??!) but what the hell!’

And then later that week, there was more!


T: And then she was like - Maybe your paintings are understood in Britain - I don't know! I don't understand your paintings- I’m South American!

T: And I was like, -ok-.


And John, have you heard about this term ‘ to paint with an accent?’ I think this is what is happening in here….


(stop music)


J: I'm tired of stories about clever white men and how special they are.




Before country


Saying some thoughts

Hellooo -


Space fishing

Naked eye


That irritates the greater compost

Within random manipulated podcasts told

-facing boredom

encapsulated within correspondence

Incomplete gestures


To complete the incomplete gestalt