Letter 13. - Advice on Painting?





Ok now,



What you have to do!


(clears his throat)

Try, try to listen to what I have to say

Don't pay too much attention.

Try to stick WITH IT!

Try to LISTEN!

Try to mooo...ve, try to think about…

Fucking painting Fucking painting

Fucking painting

Fucking painting

Fuck complaining

Try to understand the emotions.

Try to seeeeee my way.

Try to understand,

Try to feeeeeeeeel

Ok, now!

If it’s your own internal ‘critic’ turned up to a higher level than it's supposed to be in that moment, because when you are starting the work, the page is blank and the canvases are opened - your ‘critic’ should be turned down to a zero.


Stay warm and get a cute dog to run around you, cause you know what - It will get grim at some point.





(stop music)