Letter 14. Scrabbled words



Erin, come for 8:30 for dinner.


805A Wandsworth road, SW83JH.

You can leave with Matt xx


-Matt, where is your shopping list?



-Josh Abelow, Daniel Heidcamp, Mira Dancy, Caitlin Cherry, Ann Toebbe, Ginny Casey, Torey Thornton, Valerie Keane, Tyson Reeder, LSD worldpeace, Aurel Schmidt, Dan Colen, Eric Mack, Katherine Bradford, Austin Lee, Josh Reames, Genevieve Figgis, Alex Bradley Cohen, Nikki Maloof, Kyle Staver and theeeen uhhh you guys need to stop talking about the Tate. it's confusing me (Julie Maretto for your future ref, Erin.) the last one would maybe be on trying to think -  look up Canada Gallery, Half Gallery, Romeo NYC, Magenta Plains, 247365, Howard st (now closed), field projects, Canal 47 only cause Erin just said it - Victor Mann also cause that was mentioned, Queer Thoughts gallery is also cool, and puppies puppies woof woof (that's one for you Erin you'll like him) Joyce Pensato, I think I'm done.. for now-





-Al jezeera, truthdig, democracy now, counterpunch, media lens

These are the main ones I look at-


-Helen verhoeven


(stop music)



(We're running)
‘Stained, glaucous, glycerine, gold, goat, clover
Lighting, signal, island, coral-cold.-’