Letter 3. Clement


P717971790 - receipt from vodafone for payment ( January bill)


Jordan.bassman@rca.ac.uk - tutorial email

3 eggs

175 gr (1 not full cup)

1 tsp cornflour

1 tsp white wine vinegar

20cm circle

140 degrees -130 degrees

Sharing intimacy without relation- rhythmos (being exactly who you are)







It is really very easy for me to walk from my wheel having made a board of  stuff , and sit down and read and begin to make notes on something I’m writing. And they all happen in the same space. ‘ I have managed to be alone when it happens, guarding the fact much as we guard so many of our privy acts, evidences of our physical selves which happen to us in total privacy. Don’t reproach me for it, Andrea, don’t blame me. Once in awhile it happens that I vomit up a bunny. ‘



Rigorous, yet quiet passionate and humane - that's what I want people to think when they look at my things. I’ve spent almost 40 years making these things now. And they ARE rigorous.  ‘It’s not reason for one to blush and isolate oneself and to walk around keeping one’s mouth shut.’ You know, they don't happen by mistake, they don't happen by chance, they are thought through. ‘When I feel that I’m going to bring it up, I put two fingers in my mouth like an open pincer, and I wait to feel the lukewarm fluff rise in my throat as if bubbles beginning to boil in water from a pinch of fruit salt.  It’s all swift and clean, passes in the briefest instant.’ There is a whole discipline on how to make them at their heart they are very simple fragile porcelain objects that sit in your hand.  ‘I remove the fingers from my mouth and in them, held fast by the ears, a small white rabbit, only it’s white and very thoroughly a rabbit. I set it in the palm of my hand, I smooth the fluff attempting to avoid confrontation or anger; calming or conciliatory, caressing it with two fingers; the bunny seems satisfied with having been born. He’s looking for something to eat, and then I take him with me out to the balcony’.



There’s no grandfatherly fondness in me,



There are no gray hairs in my soul!

Like having the quality of softening or soothing the skin.

A rich emollient shampoo.


‘ I know that I can leave him there now and go on my way for a time, lead a life not very different from people who buy their rabbits at farmhouses. ‘ Because they’ve got the mark of the person who made them: just clay and the hand, and that's all ACTUALLY that is, so they are humane. Rigorous, but humane...yeah...I'll write it on my gravestone!


‘I don’t think it will be difficult to pick up eleven small rabbits splattered over the pavement, perhaps they won’t even be noticed, people will be too occupied with the other bodies, it would be more proper to remove it quickly before the early students pass through on their way to art school.’


The first 30,000 pots you make are usually the worst.




(stop music)












Begin A While


That's making Rigorous

They Don't

They Don't


Simple Porcelain Objects


1 tsp cornflour

They Don't

They Don't

1 tsp 140 degrees

Simple Porcelain Objects


Change cornflour