Letter 7. Mother


Allo! - Hello?

Kto govorit? - Who is speaking?

Mama? - Mama?

Mama! - Mama!

Tell us what we’re gonna hear next !


Around a year ago my mum went to the English courses in Moscow. She is 59 and learned the whole other language while still pregnant, cooking food every day for my dad to come back from the quel factory, out in 35 degrees sun and managing a difficult commanding parent living in the same house. I don't know how she managed Julien, but I’m proud of her.

Years later she thought of brushing up her English that was partily forgotten, as her partner's memory was partly forgotten too, so she could no longer fly over to the  States.

And you know Julien, language is one of those things that bleaches out quicker than “Jolen” on my brows.

She entered the building which was overweight with marble (reminiscent of the Stalin's architecture) followed  into the small examination room. No proceeding towards the  test. She was told she shouldn't waste anyone's time, as her jaw apparatus was shaped ( curved out by  the Lord Jesus ) specifically for Asian languages. In no way a Germanic group.

She gave me a call later that day saying she’d start to learn Korean, because she is Korean, though she doesn't know a single word of it (inheritance from the Korean repression during Stalin’s times).


I’m hanging up now.

More  ‘clouds’, more ‘trousers’ please!




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